Viceroy is a software solution that enables you to access your
desktops remotely and securely, that is optimized for low bandwidth and high latency environments

Key Features

Browser based

Requires only a browser

Needs only a browser to access your desktops remotely. Works with Firefox, Internet Explorer 7.0 and above, Google Chrome and Opera browsers.

SSL based

Viceroy uses 128bit SSL support to access the desktops securely and with absolute peace of mind

Low Bandwidth

Supports low bandwidth and high latency environments

Viceroy delivers desktops and remote applications in WAN enviroments that are characterized by low bandwidth and high latency environments.
Easy deployment

Easy to deploy and configure

Viceroy sits between the WAN edge and the Windows Terminal Server where Terminal Server is used to terminate remote desktop sessions. Just create the users and configure their bandwidth settings and you are good to go!.


Desktop accessbile from a wide range of devices

Viceroy, being a browser based solution, allows one to access his/her desktop from a wide range of devices.

Supports both Remote Apps and Remote Desktops

Extensively provision remote apps instead of desktops in your organization?
No problem! Viceroy has native support for Remote Apps and Remote Desktops.

Deployment Scenario

The server Viceroy software, also referred to as Viceroy Gateway server, must be placed between the WAN edge and Microsoft® Windows® Remote Session Host Server in your headquarters.

Employees of your organization will now be able to connect to their desktops remotely, over a WAN link, from their PCs located at your organization's branch offices, by pointing their browsers to the Viceroy Gateway server.

Please note that sufficient Windows® client access licenses (CALs) must be configured on the end server.


  • No requirement to have expensive leased line

  • Provides all the functionalities of Microsoft® Windows® Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

  • Uses https, thereby providing secure connection between your branch offices and headquarters