Viceroy is a software solution that
  • Enables you and your employees to access their Microsoft® Windows® and Linux desktops remotely and securely
  • Is optimized for low bandwidth and high latency environments
  • Is easy to configure and maintain

Ideal for
  • Companies who have branch offices in remote locations, and want their remote workers to access data on a server located in the headquarters
  • Teleworkers who want to access their desktops remotely
  • Companies who want to cut costs by reducing remote teleworker expenses
  • Companies who want to adopt BYOD, but are apprehensive about data security

Benefits of adopting Viceroy in your organization
  • Enable your employees access their desktops from anywhere and any device
  • Centralized management of user desktops leading to increased data safety and security
  • Save on expensive leased line costs to branch offices

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